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So yeah it’s 12AM andI’m gonna have to get some shut eye because tomorrow I’ll leave early. So, uh, That would mean I won’t be able to post or write or update certain statuses for a while. Not just because of the trip, probably because of the signal interruption in Eastern Samar. Anyway, that would mean I’ll be gone for a while. Feel free to unfollow. Haha (but please don’t.) Oh and if you ever want to text me or tweet or go on Facebook, just beam me up now! Haha I do hope that I’ll be able to log in soon. I’m gonna be missing all of my friends here and you as well dear reader! I’m happy. And it’s a good thing to feel now that I’m leaving. Till we meet again. Have a nice summer! 
Mister Random JP



we started with our little
things for our future,
and we ended with the
same little things we left
in the past


i can’t seem to send in ask anymore huhuhu monsieurrandom

Stop making excuses, Karl -.- HAHAHA joke! :)

I wish writing prose and poems came easily to me as writing about my complaints everyday. I mean seriously I want to be able o write how someone’s smile reminds me of the crescent moon, or how they run their fingers through their hair feels almost surreal. I want to able to make stanzas and make them rhyme and stuff. 

Anonymous asked:
i am only 15 yrs. old and im already preggy what should i do??




Tangina ka, sana bago ka nag pakangkang inisip mo muna yang mga gagawin mo.


Sana binigyan niyo na rin ng tips kasama ng pagmumura niyo sakanya, joke man o hindi.

Bus Trips
Other than my constant hate of airconditioning in buses and the passengers with terrible attitudes and loud voices, bus trips are, well, alright. I prefer looking out windows or listening to music while I see the view blurr out into the distance. I usually spend more time being awake than most people, and I usually only have a few hours of sleep because of the tight spaces and all. I just wish that tomorrow would go smoothly (with all the bus accidents happening, I still have fears). In just one day I’ll be back in the province and will be enjoying my king sized bed with the giant flat screen and internet and food! Yey!

Hapag ng Pag asa
I stayed up late last night to finish a special cover by Cheche Lazaro on the lives of the children who inspired the late painter Joey Velasco in his painting Hapag ng Pag-asa. 
I had seen a film about the painting back when I was in High School and even back then I was moved by the lives of the 12 children in the painting.
The painting is similar to that of the last supper in content but has a completely different story. It shows Jesus Christ dining with 12 different and extremely poor and troubled children. 
The film last night moved me to tears after finding out that several of the children in Velasco’s painting had little or no improvement in their lives. One of the children, Nene, died after giving birth at just 17, and another Tinay, had been missing after she left for the Visayas.
Why this had such an effect on me revolves around the fact that these children are real people and that they really are struggling. They have dreams and hopes and Joey Velasco had been helping them in a lot of ways. From shelter to education. Many of the children who had strayed from their promises of Velasco felt ashamed of themselves for what would Velasco himself would say if he were still alive. 
I think that the lives of these children made me think differently of the street children I see everyday and that there situation right now really does make me see differently and makes me not want to take advantage of what fortune I have with my life.

You’re right.
Sometimes, I still think about that night with us and wonder if it was worth it, you know? I still wonder about us. I still wonder if I made the right choice of having to give it all up because I figured I’d be happier without you anymore. Maybe if I had the power to turn back time, things would be a lot different. I could rewrite our story and have it turn out a lot better than it did. But see, I’m not a great writer. I’m only so good at rewriting.

Keen Malasarte, "Maybe if I turned back time, things would be different." (via acupofkeen)

(Source: skeletales)

I wonder if anyone has ever attempted to join Tumblr, and thought about using my url and then get really mad because it’s no longer available and then they go and visit my blog and they’re like “damn I could do a lot better with that url.”

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